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Espresso Martini


Bitter, Sweet

Rich and creamy with a hint of dark roast. A Martini so smooth, it will charm the cream off your espresso. It is said that the Espresso Martini find its origin in a 1980’s London bar, when a young supermodel asked a bartender to ‘wake me up and f*ck me up’. The bartender was cocktail-legend Dick Bradsell. The supermodel, eledgetly, none other than Miss Naomi Campbell. To this day, the iconically smooth and creamy cocktail remains one of the most popular digestives in the world. The best part? You’ll whip it up in a jiff.

The Recipe

Per cocktail

Bols Coffee

30 ML

Bols Vodka

30 ML


30 ML

Sugar syrup

10 ML

Coffee beans


Pour all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, fill it with ice and shake well. Fine strain the Espresso Martini into a pre-chilled martini glass or coupe glass. Garnish your cocktail with three coffee beans.

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