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Espresso Martini 375ML

The Bols Espresso Martini is rich and creamy with a hint of dark roast. A Martini so smooth, it will charm the cream off your espresso. 


This cocktail bottle contains 375ML which serves up 3 to 4 cocktails!

700ML - 14.9%

Espresso Martini tasting notes

De Bols Espresso Martini is a classic cocktail with a double kick. The first from the caffeine and the next from the vodka. It is the delicious combination of Bols Coffee liqueur and Bols Vodka which makes this cocktail amazing. The Bols Espresso Martini keeps on attracting and is perfect to drink after dinner. With this handy cocktail bottle, you drink the best ready to enjoy Bols Espresso Martini's whenever and wherever you want.

Create the cocktail

Create the cocktail

Bols Espresso Martini

Cool - the cocktail bottle and a martini glass
Shake - the cocktail bottle
Pour – the Bols Espresso Martini into the glass
Garnish – with 3 coffee beans on the foam

With our 700ML cocktail bottle, you serve 6 to 7 cocktails. Shake the bottle before pouring for a beautiful foam layer on your cocktail. By serving your Bols Espresso Martini in a pre-chilled glass, your cocktail stays cool longer. Give your Bols Espresso Martini some extra magic by garnishing it with three coffee beans on the foam.

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