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Red Light Negroni 375ML

This cocktail is perfectly balanced between the botanicals from the Bols Genever with the malty, orange finish from the Galliano liqueur. 


This cocktail bottle contains 375ML which serves up 3 to 4 cocktails!

Red Light Negroni tasting notes

We add a little of our Amsterdam roots to the classic Italian Negroni cocktail. Bittersweet, complex and with a touch of Bols Original Genever this cocktail gets delicious malty, sweet, and fruity notes. This Bols Red Light Negroni is perfectly balanced and has a herbal orange flavour coming from the Galliano L'Aperitivo.

Create the cocktail

Create the cocktail

Bols Red Light Negroni

Cool - the cocktail bottle
Pour – the Bols Red Light Negroni into the glass
Garnish – with an orange zest on the rim of the glass

With our 375ML cocktail bottle, you make your cocktails magical. Pour 3 to 4 ready to enjoy Bols Red Light Negroni's in an instant, in rocks glasses over ice. This way your cocktails get the right temperature. Add a finishing touch by garnishing your Bols Red Light Negroni with an orange zest on the rim of the glass.

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