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Margarita Azul 200ML

One of the most famous cocktails made by Bols. By adding our signature Blue Curaçao liqueur, you can experience the Margarita Azul with even more aromatic oranges.


This product contains 4 Tubes of each 200ML containing 1 to 2 cocktails. Our tubes are a revolutionary packaging for at home or on the go.

200ML - 14.9%

Margarita Azul tasting notes

Don't be fooled by the colour, but this Bols Margarita Azul has the flavour of aromatic oranges. Our Bols Blue Curaçao liqueur gives this cocktail its striking colour. Add a little lime and tequila and you'll imagine yourself at a swimming pool on a summer's day.

Create the cocktail

Create the cocktail

Bols Margarita Azul

Cool - the cocktail tube and a margarita glass
Pour – the Bols Margarita into the glass
Garnish – with a lime wheel on the rim of the glass

Our magical cocktail tubes of 200ML contain 1 to 2 cocktails. By serving it in a pre-chilled glass, your Bols Margarita Azul will stay cool longer. The finishing touch with the lime wheel on the rim of the glass makes the cocktail look like it's served by a real bartender.

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