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5 cocktails to warm up your winter

Bols Winter Cocktails Negroni, Bramble, Amaretto Sour

If you thought that cocktails are only perfect to drink during hot summer days, I’m sorry but we’re going to change your opinion. There are so many winter cocktails that are waiting for you to help you warm up during the cold days. To help shorten your search journey for the perfect winter cocktail, we made a list with the 5 best winter cocktails to warm up your winter.

Winter Cocktail #1: The Espresso Martini

One of the most popular cocktails at this moment is the Espresso Martini. This cocktail, invented by a legend in the cocktail world: Dick Bradsell, was allegedly made for a young supermodel (often thought to be Naomi Campbell) when she asked for a cocktail to ‘wake me up and mess me up’. This drink, originally called a Vodka Espresso runs the world just like Naomi Campbell does.

We totally understand everyone who loves this cocktail because let's be honest: this cocktail has its charms. It’s the delicious combination of Bols Coffee liqueur, Bols Vodka, a cold espresso, and sugar syrup that makes this cocktail the perfect after-dinner drink with a good caffeine kick. And the Espresso Martini is a cocktail with not a single, but a double kick. One kick from the vodka and another from the freshly brewed espresso. These two powerhouses are joined in harmony by the Bols Coffee liqueur and sugar syrup. The bitter flavor from the espresso is perfectly balanced out by the sweetness of the sugar syrup and the Bols liqueurs.

Also, good news for beginner-bartenders or just lazy cocktail lovers, we’ve got your back because the Espresso Martini cocktail is super easy to create at home!

Get the full recipe here!


Winter Cocktail #2: Chocolate Pumpkin

Warning! Pumpkin Spice-lovers attention please, falling in love with the Chocolate Pumpkin cocktail is at your own risk, at all times! Disclaimer: We are not responsible for finding the love of your (cocktail) life.

When you hear to word ‘pumpkin’ you probably think about the time of the year in October: Halloween. Well, once again: we are here to prove you otherwise. The combination of Bols Pumpkin Spice liqueur, Bols Cacao White liqueur and cream finishes off any great dinner during these cold winter days.

What are you still waiting for? Let’s start making this winter cocktail!

Get the full recipe here!


Winter Cocktail #3: Moca Cocktail

What’s better than a coffee and chocolate flavored cocktail during the winter days? Nothing right? Aren’t we all a little bit more in the chocolate-mood when we sit on the couch under a warm blanket when it’s cold outside? We definitely are. And that’s why winter is the perfect time to treat yourself or your loved ones with a lovely Moca cocktail. It has the amazing combination of Bols Cacao Brown liqueur, white rum, espresso and sugar syrup, you easily create this delicious Moca cocktail at home.

The Moca cocktail is a very sweet after-dinner cocktail which makes it extremely dangerous to fall in love with. But doesn’t love warm up your heart during cold days?

Get the full recipe here!


Winter Cocktail #4: Negroni

If you get a smile on your face as soon as the word Italian aperitivo joins the conversation, we have some good news for you. Not only is the Negroni aperitivo a great cocktail during the summer days, this cocktail also warms you up during the cold days.

It all began sometime around 1860 with bar owner Gaspare Campari of Café Campari in Milan, Italy. Here, the Milano-Torino, the grandfather of the Negroni cocktail, was served. It contained equal parts of aperitif liqueur from Milan and a sweet, red, vermouth from Turin. The Milano-Torino is sometimes abbreviated to MITO, which means ‘myth’ in Italian. The cocktail evolved into the Americano, consisting of aperitif liqueur, red vermouth and sparkling water. After the Americano, the Negroni followed.

A good Negroni cocktail contains a perfect balance of bitter (Bols Genever Original) and sweet (sweet vermouth). But also, herbal and fruity, a strong alcoholic kick and melting ice. All these flavors are created with the seemingly simple equation of equal parts of red vermouth, together with aperitif liqueur and gin, stirred with ice. We like to give the standard Negroni an Amsterdam twist by turning it into a Red Light Negroni, served in a lightbulb glass.

This cocktail with its beautiful red color flashes back your mind to your amazing time in Italy (or any warm country).

Get the full recipe here!


Winter Cocktail #5: Golden Cadillac

This cocktail has its own romantic story. One day in 1952, a woman and her new fiancé came into a restaurant called Poor Red’s in California when they were on their way to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They were celebrating their engagement. The couple asked bartender Frank Cline, to create a special cocktail for this occasion. After many times of trying, Cline finally created a cocktail using Galliano, Crème de Cacao (we now use Crème de Cacao White), half and half (cream) and blended with ice. The couple loved it and had to decide which name they wanted to call this drink. They looked behind them and instant knew, we are naming this drink after the brand-new Gold Cadillac, which was parked out front.

The Golden Cadillac cocktail is a delicious cocktail and a fantastic dessert drink. If you are a big fan of creamy cocktails, this is the one for you. The combination of Galliano L'Autentico, Bols Cacao White and cream pairs nicely with almost any sweet dessert, especially if it includes chocolate.

Isn’t that a beautiful romantic story? With that said, we dare you to create a new cocktail and name it after something or someone you love.

Get the full recipe here!

Which cocktail are you making this winter? Celebrate a good dinner with one of these cocktails and we guarantee that you will have an amazing (warm) night ahead of you.